Welcome to
The Living Education Institute

The Living Education Institute (LEI) is a Toronto based organization founded in 1997 to bring together two models of education - education as a personal journey & education as knowledge acquisition. Our goal is to encourage education that promotes self discovery, environmental awareness, and social responsibility.

We celebrate learning as a part of life - we offer programs, courses and workshops - and we train leaders in Living Education.

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Training & EcoLeadership
Our training work is about allowing leaders to connect with participants and promoting success within them.
Schools & Institutions
Find schools and institutions whose staff have trained with us, and who have a wholistic and living edge to their work.
Transitions Program
The Transitions Program is an experience that empowers individuals to realize their goals.
Dive deeper in the vision, method and philosophy of living education by reading some of our books.
Drumming Workshops
These workshops allow people to learn about their own rhythm, and how that rhythm fits into the groups with which they work.
Join us for a weekend of celebration, rejuvenation, healing, creating & dancing.